All great sales and marketing strategies begin as a fertile idea. Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and fresh ideas go hand in hand. My new Idea Sellers blog logo reflects this thinking. The “swooshes” capture and highlight the words “Ideas Sell” in an effort to remind us that all of our ideas are important and worthy of our further scrutiny. Ideas do indeed sell.

The action we implement on a valid idea is critical to the success of our goals. Consider the word “change.” It might be associated with any number of thoughts. If you think of money, it becomes the coins received back from your dollar after a purchase. If you have a baby, change involves a nasty diaper. It could refer to replacement of one thing for another. Change could refer to a transfer, such as changing planes. It might also reflect transformation such as a change of seasons or perhaps an alteration of circumstances.

permis de construire
plans de maison
plan de masse
plan de coup
plan de façade
insertion graphique
déclaration préalable
architecte ou dessinateur
faire des plans de maison
plans de villa
permis de construire mairie

Change is possibly the most utilized word and projected idea in this early presidential political season. It is becoming clear that most people want to see political change in Washington. What does the word mean in this context? Change in this instance means the dissolution of special interest groups that dictate policy, reform in health care and social security, an end to the war and the end of doing business as usual. Change is virtually synonymous with “successfully shaking up Washington.”

Change is a potent and volatile idea. It creates tremendous emotion and stimulates bold action. Change is a powerful idea that sells; just ask Barak Obama! Ending the “business as usual” policies is the core of their campaigns.

What about your sales campaign? Is it business as usual or are your prospects and customers demanding change as well? If you are paying attention to them, and you had better be, they will tell you exactly how to do business with them and explain how they want to be treated. Are you listening? Do you think our “red and blue” presidential candidates are listening?